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News 2021

Well, well! Finally, some news to report but let me explain why it has been so long: As you may know I have been working on my Solo Album for quite some time now. There have been some setbacks as I work in my home studio which I continuously improve and thus my sound keeps changing as well as the way I do things. As a result, the older projects were not on par with the more recent ones. Thus I had to revisit most of the material and re-record it. I am a musician and as you go over stuff, you find things that were OK at the time but are now not so OK anymore. As you can imagine the result is, that I also changed some of the arrangements and structures of some songs.

As I posted on Facebook there is still a big issue with the vocals. I am currently looking into these things. I know I am taking my time with the album, but I want it to be something you can enjoy as well as something that I can look back to and say: “Yes. this is what I intended and wanted!” So, please bear with me!

To some other news: Denis Dincer from Dismal Lumentis and I decided to team up and form a new project called “Ortus Mallum”. Musically for me, this will present an opportunity to explore a darker, bleak aspect of both myself and my music. It is an interesting journey full of surprises and I enjoy the ride so far I am looking forward to the final outcome. You will find us on Facebook in a short while.

By the way of concluding I want to add that I will supply you with small bytes and updates of the solo album through the following months as I move forward on this end too. The new project does not mean that the Solo Album is on hold. The last months have been quite cathartic for me as a long and tedious path finally comes to an end. Let me quickly expand on that topic so you may understand what I mean by that: Siren`s Cry was my life`s work so far and as a result, it took up a great deal of financial strength, and since I am no rich man this meant for me to go into debt. Quite considerable debt for my circumstances. This inherited waste was my steady companion these last 9 years and somewhat crippled me not only financially but also mentally and as a result also creatively. As this menhir disappears, my mind is released from prison and there is a creative flow and energy present which I have not experienced for a long time and I fully enjoy it!
Thank you all for your patience over the years as well as your support! I know I have been quiet for a long time but I was not disinterested but as I explained above.

Hope to see you along the road! All my best and stay tuned!

News 2020

The last 2 years have been very busy for me in furthering my work-life career. Siren`s Cry and other projects never made enough money to make a living from it and as a result, I need to work as many other artists do too these days.

With the scarce and little time off I had, I needed to recuperate and recharge from a very busy time at the office. I, however, did some work on my solo album. As of today, this is the status: I have completed 8 songs instrumentally this far with a further 3 being in a state of rearranging and seeing how I can fit them into the “concept” of the album. Some of the musical material is quite diverse and it varies from what you know from “Scattered Horizons”. Also, I plan to put some classical guitar arrangements on the album but also as of today they still need practice in order for me to move forward and record them as they are quite challenging – so I find!
With the completed songs there is still one massive part that needs to be sorted: vocals… I cannot sing for the life of me so believe me, you don`t want me singing! honestly! Backings are a different beast I can manage that but main vocals are just not my thing.
As a result, I decided to have multiple singers on the album – both female as well as male singers – I am currently looking into how I can sort that out and who is available as well as within my budget.

To conclude let me say that I appreciate you guys hanging around for so long, not complaining about the lack of content and updates. I will try and do better in 2020 and supply you with news as I progress further down the line!

The collaboration with the Austrian musicians took an abrupt end. The music was produced and pre-recorded. Due to an error while the recording process we had to do it all over again which never happened. I have been very patient with my musician friends but today I was informed that the band was disbanded. It is quite annoying as I did spend time and effort on it and I find it rather unprofessional how it was handled but hey, that`s life! Unexpected things happen and it gives me time and a new focus on my solo album. Also, I will look into using some of the guitar lines I wrote to utilize for new songs.

Thank you all for the love and support over the years! Be safe and rock on!

Cheers, Phil

Older News

It´s been a while since the last update and it has gone quiet since I did the European Tour with Siren´s Cry in the fall 2013. This was mainly due to financial reasons.  The CD production and the Tour cost a lot of money. Thus I focused on my job as well as working on new music.


Something very similar happened with Dignity. I wrote some songs which did not fit Siren´s Cry so I showed them to the guys from Dignity. They liked what they heard but with Sören being in Denmark and no promo for “Balance of Power” as we played no Tour and no Shows Roland and Frank too decided to keep the web presence but to not actively continue working on the project for now.

Siren´s Cry

Many of you may wonder what happened to Siren´s Cry so here is a little brief update: After the tour in the fall 2013 we took a break. In 2014 Katie informed us that she was pregnant and since she wanted to focus on that we parted ways.

Frederic, our Drummer, was not able to play the Tour with us which was a real shame but it also led to some tension in the band. As a result, Frederic decided to leave Siren´s Cry and focus on his other projects.

So Michael and I were all that was left from a once excellent lineup. We then contemplated the future of the project. Since the sales of Scattered Horizons were mediocre at best, we decided to keep the web presence in case we do get any requests but also decided to cancel our official website www.sirenscry.com

The fate of Siren´s Cry is now sealed. Scattered Horizons was a good record and I love every single song on it but I cannot see a future for the Band. I do not want to start looking for a new lineup and start from scratch. I may as well call it the day and invest my energy into other ventures.

The Future

I am currently working on a few things. On the one side, I am working on a Solo record. I hope to be able to win some awesome guest musicians and friends for this album. All I can say is, that it will be awesome! If you liked “Siren´s Cry´s – Scattered Horizons” and “Dignity`s- Balance of Power“, you will dig this one!