Phillip Porter was born on September 11, in Vienna, Austria. Phillip started to play the Piano at the early age of 6 years. His parents recognized his musical talent after the family received a synthesizer keyboard for Christmas by which Phillip was fascinated ever since. He took private piano lessons from local music teachers and soon he was drawn to the classical music of Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Brahms and Beethoven (to name a few). He first picked up the guitar at age of 13 after he and his father spent some time in the USA where Phillip came in close contact with Blues and Rock music.

Phillip is best known for his work with Siren’s Cry but he is also part of the Swedish Austrian Band Dignity. The cooperation emerged when the first Demo Track “Draconian Spectrum” for Siren’s Cry was recorded in 2009 in Vienna together with Frank Pitters, the co-founder of Dignity. During the same time, Phillip started work as a studio and session player. He recorded and co-produced the guitars for an Austrian punk band called Junge Röemer and played live with them in Germany together with Freiwild and 9MM. Phillip also has appeared as a guest on several records by other artists such as the Legends album by Dragony.

Phillip proudly endorses Engl Amps & ScottDixon Flying Scott Cases